The American Way

I heard a recommendation to America on TV which said that Americans should base their vote around which candidate they believe would affect them the most.   As I thought about this it hit me that we must evaluate America’s heart.

America today is driven by a selfish attitude that does not love it’s neighbor.  We are looking out for number one, which is ourselves and do not want to help our neighbor unless it is of very little or no sacrifice.  We work to fend for ourselves because we lack faith that someone is fending for us.  We are about survival but more importantly believe that our best way to survive is to look out for number one. We are driven by capitalism!  As a a business man, I am the first to admit this.

God, through His word, shows us that we should not love ourselves.  God teaches us that it is about loving Him,  and because we love Him, that means we must also love our brothers and sisters.

When Jesus was asked : “which is the greatest commandment in the Law”?  Jesus replied: “Love the lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.  This is the first and greatest commandment.  And the second is like it, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself’.  All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.” ~Mathew 22:36-40

Imagine this country if we put God first and our neighbors second.  Would we vote differently?  Would we care how it affects us or would we care about how it affects them?  Would we care about our desires or would we care more about the Will of God?  Would our leaders care about votes or would they care about God’s vote?

Notice that Jesus says “Love your neighbor as yourself” and not “Love your neighbor and not yourself”.  It is okay for us to want to succeed and work hard to make money but we also must look out and help our neighbor.  Better yet, we should set goals to succeed and make money so that we can help others and serve our God.  God calls us to let Him be our driving force.

Let us, also, not forget that “drive” and “ambition” are blessings from God and maybe your neighbor wasn’t blessed with that same drive and ambition; maybe your neighbor was dealt a very different set of cards and their situation is one that even you or I would fail in.  If we can help someone in need, shouldn’t we want too?

God, through Jesus, lived a perfect and selfless life.  He modeled an example around which we could base the American Way!


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